There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Hip Deep in Crocodiles: A Betty White Tribute!

Now, if you were anywhere on the Planet Earth in the past few days, you have heard the sad news that Betty White, age 99, has passed on. She was a rocking riot of a lady, and we all loved her. You loved her for your reasons. I loved her for mine. 

She was a famous animal advocate, and had many pets of her own; they are saying the party at the Rainbow Bridge is a ruckus right now as all of the creatures she loved welcome her Home. Oh, lady, you will be so missed!

One of my absolute favorite Betty White roles was that of Mrs. Bickerman in the film Lake Placid (view trailer here), where she lived on a lake in Maine and hand fed the crocodiles who swam there.

She has a foul mouth in that movie, and some of the quotes are not for the faint of heart. This tiny clip only includes one or two. One reviewer called her performance "lewd and saucy."  Watch the film (or look here) to see a few more!

We learned the sad news of her passing when we got back from hiking the other day. So I couldn't implement my idea for a tribute Blip quite yet, but I had some ideas that I put to good use the next day.

No, we didn't have a lake in Maine, we didn't have a dock, we didn't have a cow, we didn't have any law enforcement officers, and we didn't have Betty White. But this will have to do!

In this tribute, T. Tiger (and I'm sorry he doesn't have a little-old-lady wig to make it even more authentic) plays the role of Betty White. He is sitting on the dock at his lake in Maine, taking care of the crocodiles, as the Crittergators look on.

Oh, and the surprise is that there are not just one, or even TWO, but a whole BUNCH of crocodiles! I betcha they'll chew up some law enforcement officers. . . .

You may be wondering, Is that a crime? To wish the chewing of law enforcement?  ;-) Ha ha ha ha ha! Maybe it is and maybe it isn't! But they'll have fun trying!

T. Tiger to the tiny crocs: Come on now, babies; nibble Mommy's toes!

Rest in peace, sweet, funny, foul-mouthed, silly, good-hearted lady!

Many of my friends know and love Betty for her role in the Golden Girls. So let's let our song be this one: David Bowie, with Golden Years.

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