By Ridgeback13

Clear up

Headache when I woke up this morning (not sure why, but I hadn’t slept well), but nothing like the one T had after his night out….corker of a hangover so he wasn’t going anywhere. Kt and I started the morning slowly and then decided to get on and sort out the garden, cutting back the dead stuff and redoing all the hanging baskets with pansies etc that they bought ages ago but hadn’t planted. We made rapid progress and were pleased to make a big difference after an hour or so’s work (although frustrated that it only recorded as one minute’s exercise on my watch!).
We had bacon sandwiches for lunch to try and help T recover, then I got stuck in to catching up on some financial housekeeping that’s I’ve been really behind on. Took me the rest of the afternoon, so my exercise figures didn’t improve!
Caught up with The Tourist in the evening….

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