By dunkyc


I awoke to the sound of rain on the street below, which is quite nice when you know that you have no place in particular to go.

It is even nicer when enjoyed in bed with a cup of tea whilst catching up on some blips. I couldn’t dwell there for too long though as I had to make myself decent for the arrival of the wee ones.

I heard them before I saw them and was delighted to be mobbed the second I opened the door. We’ve had an exceptionally normal day, which has encompassed a spot of shopping, a walk, lunch, falling asleep in front of a film (me), doughnuts and basically playing with as many of their Christmas presents as possible. 

It’s been great and now as I sit here typing this with the day ending as it started with the sound of the rain, I am not dreading the return to work tomorrow as much as I was earlier today.

Let’s get to it. 

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