By PicturePoems

Ladies first

This morning I had a cut'n'blow at a hairdressers in Somerset, and then we drove down to Devon this afternoon. While Mr PP filled the car with petrol at Trago Mills, I went for a comfort break. It was going dark and four peahens were perching in one tree, all ready to roost. When I emerged a few minutes later, two peacocks had joined them, all in the same tree. This was the sharpest silhouette my smartphone captured.

Last night's fingernail of new moon was a tiny bit fatter this evening, but still a slim crescent that travelled all the way home with us. It was so bright, it lit the whole circle of moon faintly. Above it was a bright planet - Venus, I think. Great to see such a clear sky, which had been blue all day.

Our daughter told us LMB was missing us and had told her mum that we'd "run away"! Aww!

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