An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


The main headline this evening is that Alan has now tested positive for covid.

I can't say I'm surprised.  It would have been a miracle if he'd avoided it.  Thankfully so far his symptoms are the same as ours, cough, sneezing and generally feeling as though he has a cold. He did have a mild temperature but a dose of paracetamol sorted that out.  The shot of him lounging on his bed like a lord watching Finding Dory is awful quality as it's a screen grab from the safety camera in his room.

Assuming his symptoms stay mild and he gets through this as easily as we have, I am giddy at the thought that in just over a weeks time, the dread and fear of catching covid that has been hanging over us for almost two years will be gone (for a little while anyway) and we can live a relatively normal life again.  I am hoping that by the time our immunity wears off, this pandemic will be on the road out! 

His team have been brilliant, providing 24 hour care since I tested positive.  They are happy to continue even though Alan has now tested positive but the good news is from Wednesday, David will be able to cover some of the shifts to cover any gaps in the rota and/or give team members a break.  

The other photos show Faith snuggled in bed asleep tucked into the blanket I crocheted for her Christmas.  That makes me very happy.  Her mum sent me the pic.  

Lola's dog walker R sent the photo of her.  She's having a lovely time with him and his family and has taken to making a roundabout of herself in their kitchen.  Just so they don't forget about her!  lol

The final pic is my antivirals.  That's my second dose today.  I've to take four tablets 12 hours apart.  The online diary I've to complete everyday for 28 days is a tick box form so that's straightforward to do and only takes a few minutes.  

The tablets are having an unfortunate side effect on my tummy but I feel that's a small price to pay in return for helping their research.  We have so much to thank the scientists and researchers for.  I dread to think what my response to this virus would have been if I hadn't been vaccinated.  Today my cold symptoms are all but gone but I am so, so tired.  

Woke up just before 10am (had set my alarm to take my AVS) managed to get showered.  Had lunch then slept again all afternoon.  I thought it might affect my ability to sleep tonight but I'm already nodding off! 

Day 8...two more days to go! 

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