An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Facetime fun...

Day 9 in the Big Brother house of Covid Quarantine.

Last day of quarantine tomorrow but I expect I will remain upstairs till D completes his quarantine because there's no point in being downstairs on my own when we can keep each other company upstairs.

To be honest, the days have gone in pretty quickly.  Being an only child I quite enjoy my own company and I don't get bored.  I have read more this past week than I have in ages and that's a good thing as I get very annoyed with myself at how little I read these days.  I hope that's me back in the habit :-)

Today has gone by in a bit of a blur again.  I didn't fall asleep properly till almost 4am!  Then I slept till my alarm woke me at 10am to take my AVS.  I then dosed on and off till around midday.

Today I managed to have my shower at a more leisurely pace than of late as my hip, although sore, wasn't the agony it has been.  Hoping this flare up or whatever it's been, is starting to calm down now.

David brought lunch and we ate it together, but this evening I felt a bit nauseous and didn't want any dinner.  Another side effect of the AVS.  Ended up having a toasted bagel instead.

Before dinner we FaceTimed Alan.  He was in his room watching Aladdin.  Despite Jordan telling us he was fine, it was great to see him and have it confirmed.  He has a bit of a cough and has sneezed a few times, but other than that is battling through :-))

Hoping to have a bit of a blip catch up but I can already feel my eyes getting heavy, but I will see how I get on. :-))

Oh and I am in for a long week...I thought tomorrow was Thursday!!! :-O

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