While on my runs

By waipushrink

About to enter the dark side

Five admissions to ICU over the weekend, as well as two to the open wards. One of those admitted to ICU was transferred to one of the other wards over the weekend, so my registrar and I (remotely) had four new and six who had been there before the weekend. All needing to be seen. Everyone offered some assistance, and the registrar was fully on top of things when we had our supervision meeting late in the day.

After completing that, I packed up what I'd been using and we came north to the beach house, and I was able to head down the Seventy Plus steps and get some bird photos. Perhaps because it was mid-tide and late in the day (I started out at 18:30) almost all the birds I saw were ducks, gulls, herons and kotare (kingfishers). 

A large segment of the Southend shallows was in shade and I was fortunate to observe and photograph a white-faced heron walking across the junction of light and shade.

Just after I got back (after going around the points to Algies Bay), I saw a little Tauhou briefly in the jacaranda tree. Largely hidden by foliage.

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