Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Cats' Eyes

I've always realised cats' eyes are pretty amazing, the way they can almost see in the dark and are super-charged to notice prey moving.  What I didn't know is that the shape of the pupil tells you how they're feeling emotionally.  So this is my 'Fact or Fiction' - or, as ApolloFly says, the 'something that will surprise us all'.  (Btw, it may not surprise all of you but it certainly did this non cat owner).

I found my blip tabby on the top of the football club's fence today, clearly on the look out for one of the sparrows that live in the brambles there.  It's pupils are narrow, meaning it's 'aroused by anger, fear or pleasure' - pleasure in anticipation or anger at losing out then, definitely not fear.

Alternatively, wide pupils 'signal an excited or scared cat'.  Not sure what the difference between a 'scared' and a 'fearful' cat are, but my sudden cat knowledge comes from here.

Many thanks to ApolloFly for hosting today.  And I hope the beginning of the week is treating you kindly  xx

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