By carliewired

Just a Little Fog

Snow is melting, and 
it feels warmer but I need
sunshine and colour

~ carliewired

I waited until 10 AM to head out in the truck. I'd already decided I go to the Schubert Drive Lookout and make it a quick jaunt. I got parked at the lookout and walked out onto the Rivers Trail, soon discovering how slippery it is. Melting snow covers icy patches. I walked flat-footed. 

There were people out walking. Some brought their dogs. The temperature was 2 C and very comfortable for walking. The warming air above frozen ground has given us some fog. It was lifting and moving in the valleys. 

I got my shots along the North Thompson River with views to the lookout, the Halston Bridge to the north and my mountains. The river is still frozen and no birds were to be seen today. The word I would use to describe the landscape today is bleak. 

I'm home for the day. A nap would be really nice. 

The forecast for today is for a high of 2 C with a mix of sun and cloud. This warming trend, with day and night temperatures above freezing, should continue past the weekend. My driveway is clearing itself today! 

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