By Marionb

What? You Forgot To Book Our Flight?

Another bitterly cold day with yet another Extreme Cold Weather Warning.....a day when the warmth, sunshine and turquoise waters of the Caribbean  beckon..where anywhere with temps above zero beckons! Even the geese look sorry they are still here! 

If it had not been house cleaner day, I would not have even considered going out...let alone to the lake. But it is best to get out of the house on those days and do my errands, but they don't take all that long.... so, then what?

With everything in lockdown again..there is a limit to the number of places to go to while away some time.., but there is always the lake. I am always curious as to what is going on down there..and am usually not disappointed..Every day offers some surprises... 

This time it was the covered the entire wharf, which is off limits in winter anyway, but today it was like a skating rink!  ( extra) Sections of the promenade were icy too, and really hazardous for walking! The ice could have provided some promising photo-ops, but it was so cold that taking a glove off to take a photo was painful -  not the time for fussing about trying to get an interesting angle etc! 

I didn't stay long at the harbour, but I did make another stop at the local conservation area, where again, it was a bit too cold to linger. There was hardly any geese or duck action there at all. I didn't see a one...just their footprints in the snow! The water in the marsh was totally frozen over,(extra) so I assume they were off in search of more comfortable accommodation! 

Despite the cold, I am glad that I got out and about ...Apparently we are in for a very cold, stormy weekend which will mean lots of time cooped up indoors..not too many jaunts out to take photos..

The upside? I will have more time to work on those unfinished projects, and perhaps, I will have something to show for my time? and for an indoor blip?  

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