By flavia13


What a gorgeous sunrise this morning and because I had an excellent night's sleep I was wide away at 7.00 am so I drew back the curtains and watched The Bay wake up too!!!

I've got my U3A Digital Photogdraphy Club this afternoon so I am blipping early today.  I also need to catch up with your blips so an excellent time for me to do so.

Hubby went to the Ulverston recycling centre this morning and got there and back very quickly.  No hold ups, just usual week day traffic, so he was home within about 45 minutes!!!

I am enclosing a couple of collages from MY GRAND DAY OUT yesterday plus a photo of Buffalo Bill's autograph and little drawing.  It's just interesting.  

It seems that a lot of things are being lifted with Covid now, I'm not too sure about this personally.  I will still keep on masking and sanitising because it makes me feel safer plus I would hate to think I had passed it inadvertantly on to someone else who really suffered.

Do take care, stay safe and I will see  you all tomorrow.

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