Back Blipping - it was a Double Day and I had to take the train both ways for my visit to Dad, have a coffee in town then go to work from there. It was late when I arrived home so I had no time to do my Blip yesterday.

I had to book Dad's next podiatry appointment whilst over there. It took so long just to get hold of someone to make the booking - they either don't answer the phone at all, or it goes to the "I'm sorry! All operators are busy - please hold." message for what seems like an eternity. I prefer the interminable ringing - at least I'm not paying to listen to that!

Anyway - it got booked. But it turns out that Dad's taxi guy can't do that day. I should really call Dad this morning to see if he wants to change the booking or try to get different transport, but I've decided to leave it for the visit tomorrow. I don't have time for a long wait for someone to pick up the phone today if Dad decides to change the booking.

My photo was taken in town of what was the Barbican Hotel and bar. Previously it was the Albion Hotel. and before that a "Gentleman's Club" going back to Victorian times. It's an Eclectic Italianate-style building constructed in red brick and stone, with a pitch and slate roof. Inside it was beautifully ornate -. It has been closed since 2008. I wonder what it looks like in there now...

The fear of spiders deters me from being an Urban Explorer, but this is something I really would love to do!

It is going to be refurbished soon. It would be good to see it used as a hotel again, but I expect it will become more shop units with maybe flats above.

Work last night was with Yasir, and the quietest night ever since I worked at that shop. It was also the coldest as the kebabs were hardly on at all. Hekmat is getting very worried about how quiet it is currently - he says he's never known anything like it. I think it is because we have never been in times like this before with cost of living rising rapidly, wages declining in real terms and people struggling. Everywhere is quieter than normal!

I am at work again tonight - fifth night in a row! Today I feel so tired! But I need to do some housework so that all my days off are not just spent cleaning. At least Brian will do the shopping tonight, I just have to email him a list!

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