Much work is taking place in our local National Nature Reserve.
In this shot I search for a Blip whilst in the distance Mrs. K. discusses with Natural England staff the exact location of three specimens of the uncommon Primula viridis.
These primulas have bright green petals. They are what botanists call a “sport”. It would be a pity to lose them.
Happy Burns night to all those who celebrate it on this day each year. It was his birthday.  I have only once been to a proper Burns supper when I was the guest of several of the Registrars of Scottish universities. It was a splendid affair. The bagpipes were played as the Haggis was brought in on a silver tray. The special Burns poem was recited and at the appropriate point a dirk was plunged into the beastie.
Its consumption was followed by a dram of single malt whiskey and by the vigorous singing of Auld Lang Zyne.
Good memories.

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