With fronds like these . . . .

 . . . who needs anemones!

Sorry, old joke! Yet another damp and misty day. Got as far as cleaning the rotting leaves out of my mini-mini-mini pond and barrowed a couple of loads of other leaves down to the heap. While I was there I noticed this new frond appearing on one of my two young tree ferns, Dicksonia antarctica. I planted these on a near vertical piece of the bank early last year - they were fairly small, about the size of a fern that you would buy from a garden centre.

In spite of the fact that many gardeners have to protect their mature tree ferns - I never have up here - one of mine young 'uns is sending out a new frond! Just have to hope we don't have any hard frosts in the next couple of months!

'Foot in mouth' Quote of the Day: 'People who watch morning television are elderly, infirm or emotionally immature.' - Roy Hattersley, Labour politician.

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