Sunlight and Shadow

Today I have not done much of any great importance. I really should have ventured further afield to find a Blip but if I run around everywhere on all my days off, I'll run like a dog seven days a week! I've done a couple of loads of laundry plus a Tesco shop so not absolutely nothing! I chose this photo to Blip is I like the shadows created by the afternoon sun.

I roped Grace in to drive me up to Tesco. She'd had a GP appointment though so we went later than I'd intended and due to the main road up there being closed it took ages to get there and back. Grace came into the store with me to see their Vegan offering and put a few new things in the trolley to try.

We were late back due to traffic and detours, and tea was made even later due to the oven temperature mysteriously lowering itself!

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