Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR


Sunshine today, at last! I was busy doing other things though, and did not get to see the snowdrops at RHS Wisley as planned. I spent an extraordinary amount of time faffing around with some images for the next print competition. I did not like the result of the images I got printed, they are always too dark. Now that my screen is correctly colour calibrated, I assumed the images would perfectly agree to what I see on the screen when I get them printed, but of course a monitor is backlit and I have a very large monitor so it is bright - hence my printed images come out too dark. I have now adjusted them and are getting some test images done of smaller sizes.

The hellebores in the garden are now blooming and looking lovely. It has been very dry lately, I cannot remember when we last had rain and so these flowers are looking clean - usually as they grow so close to the ground they are mud splattered from the rain.

Tomorrow morning it is a very early start as a small group from our camera club are going to visit Brompton Cemetery to take some photos. I have to get the 6.49am train - not sure why we are going so early as there is no sunrise or fog forecast, it will be another dull day :(

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