All Our Yesterdays

A quick blip today, showing an antique radio as part of my collection of old bits and pieces in the man cave. 

This radio was gifted to me by a gentleman who was a client when I worked as a financial advisor back in the seventies. He had lost his beloved wife and had no children. He must have known he did not have long to live and wanted me to have it. He had been a violin player in the orchestra at Wolverhampton's Grand Theatre in the nineteen thirties and forties. He was a wonderful and fascinating man, I admired and respected him. And I treasure the radio as if it was an heirloom from my own family.

Bakelite Ekco, still working, the light band is the tuner, currently set on BBC Welsh / BBC Scottish. It is in need of repair which I intend to do when I am not building stuff!

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