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By NatureWatcher

The Ninja emerges

After the late night I had another full day.  In the afternoon I went to a panto rehearsal.  The blip is of the collection of baddies with the Ninja emerging from the giant cake. (I've pixelated the children's faces).

Last night I went to the session in Ellesmere which was particularly to celebrate the life of Alan Rawlinson who died recently.  He was one of four people that started the morris team to which I belonged in the early 1980s and a number of us were there to play the old tunes, sing and share anecdotes and memories.

Alan was a nationally known multi instrumentalist (especially brass) and singer who played in a number of well known folk bands.  He was a compare at concerts and folk festivals as well as being a succesful journalist and university lecturer.  He (with the other three) were responsible for a lot of us starting to play instruments,dancing, loving folk music and starting great friendships that have lasted all these years.  Thank you Alan, you will be missed! 

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