By TheOttawacker

The maple looks glum

The ongoing occupation of the city is becoming a bit hard to bear. I have no sympathies with the truckers, less with the hangers-on, and am feeling an intense amount of anger for people like Candy Bergen, who is now interim leader of the Conservative Party in Canada.

Nothing new there. She is the original Stepford Wife. In fact, the more I think of it, almost all of the women in the Conservative Party are Stepford Wives: bleached hair, thin lips, brainless... there must be a factory in Winnipeg that produces them en masse. Bergen, Rempel, Kramp-Neuman (I shit you not), Rood, Thomas, Findlay... they are all essentially the same moronic woman, with minor individual changes, and the same hairstyle. If one of them committed murder, you'd never be able to pick out which one of them did it from a line up. 

Before I get accused of misogyny, worry ye not. The men are worse. Canada's Conservative males are either shiny-pated numbskulls like Erin O'Toole (the clue is in the name), inept chinless psychopaths like Michael Cooper, or pre-pubescent 40-yr-old scrotal sacs like Pierre Poilièvre, Garnett Genuis and Scot Davidson, who can't even be arsed to spell his name right. It is not misogyny, my contempt is spread evenly. Molière would be proud of this "misanthrope".

But what to do? What to do when they play with the future of the country to get cheap political points? 

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