Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Needed to go to the village today to collect my repeat prescription and get some food shopping .  I took a detour through the park to try and find a blip shot.  Chose this view of The Bay Horse pub - its in Front Street across the road from the park.

The Bay Horse was built in the 1800's and is the only pub on Front Street to keep its original name.  The fence at the front is a very new addition - its only been there a couple of months.  When it appeared the village Facebook page went into overdrive-- so many comments from folk who didn't like the fence one bit. They preferred it when it was easy to drive straight from the road into the car park.  And they didn't like the look of the fence anyway.  There were some who did like it and they  decided to set up a Facebook page dedicated to fence.  Unsurprisingly the page is called " The Bay Horse Fence".  Thanks to BobsBlipsfor hosting the challenge.  The theme is " Man Made".

TV viewing this evening... caught up with Episode 2 of Trigger Point, Are You Being Served, Great British Menu and Landscape Artist of the Year .

Steps today -7,326

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