a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Quite often people really don't like seeing pictures of themselves.  Arguably this is because they don't think that they look like themselves when they see their photo.  After all, the image most of us recognise as ourselves is our mirrored image.

They say that truly visually attractive people (the sort that become movie stars or famous models) are generally blessed with symmetrical features.  Most of us sadly are not.  Its been pouring all day to day, so I thought that I would have a little go at playing with a selfie to see what I really look like ....

From the left:

Picture 1 - standard as shot - hopefully this looks like me to you!

Picture 2 - the two right sides of my face mirrored and joined together

Picture 3 - the two left sides of my face mirrored and joined together

Picture 4 - my face mirrored - this is what I see when I look in a mirror and is what looks like me to me!

You have to be quite brave to do this to yourself, but I'd encourage you to give it a go - you will be quite surprised by the results.

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