I've Got It Covered

Cleaned three cars today. My wife's little Toyota, my Ford estate.

And the Cat. 

Kitty passed her MOT yesterday and as a treat she had a proper shampoo, wax and polish. Then to bed for the night. I am using a dust cover as the garage is still being insulated and very dusty. 

It seems incongruous to spend so much time, free to wash cars in the sunshine. Whilst people are dying. 

It frightens me to have the reality of war happening, and wholesale destruction being wrought on a people who would love to be watching TV, washing their cars and just going about their normal business. 

Is it real, or are we all just locked in a terrible nightmare... Let's wake up, I don't like it.

Joke of the day.. 

Donald Trump, has allegedly stated that Putin is a genius, and attacking Donetsk and Dombas was a savvy move. Donald Trump has allegedly stated he believes the war in Ukraine would not have happened if he was President.

What an abject, sick joke of a man he is. 

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