The second half of life..

By twigs

Morepork (Ruru)

I was up in plenty of time to watch the sun come up (extras) and happily spent time in the rather cool conditions enjoying the start to another beautiful day.  The sunrise wasn't spectacular but it was nice.

A drive along the Chaslands highway, part of the Southern Scenic Route, saw me stop at and walk to 3 different waterfalls none of which had an overabundance of water.  The best though was the McLean Falls (extras) walk in, most water, most scenic.  

At this point I thought I had today's blip all lined up but things changed in a blink when, having arrived at this evening's camping spot at Waikawa, I decided to take an evening walk.  I had thought I'd just walk along the waterfront a little way then head back but I found a marked track through a stand of native bush that lead me right back to where I'd parked.  I was barely 5 minutes in when I saw what I thought was the tail of a tui.  As I approached it didn't move so I went round to the other side of the tree half expecting to see.....well....nothing.  I was utterly gobsmacked however to see this beautiful creature staring with his big, owly eyes wide open and trained on me just 3m away.  I recognised it immediately as a morepork (so called because their 'call' sounds like they're saying 'More pork') and the reason for me being so thrilled to see him - I've never seen one before!  He didn't seem the least bit perturbed by my being there and as I spoke very gently to him he cocked his head as though trying to make out what I was saying.  After a couple of minutes I cautiously raised my camera and the soft clicking of the camera had him twisting his head to listen more intently.  I was able to enjoy his company for over 10 minutes until, with no sound whatsoever, he took off, glided across the opening then into the bush again.  After that encounter I was absolutely buzzing all the way back to the van and of course, he just had to be today's blip.

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