By pensionspoet

Berwick-upon-Tweed and Cheviot hills

A lazy morning, with a stroll to 'the Copper Kettle' to begin. The coffee there yesterday was so good, we had to return, and today we had toasted teacakes too.

We walked back and picked up the car, then drove the relatively short distance up the A1 to Berwick-upon-Tweed. We have been once before, many years, but I remember being anxious walking round the walls with small children (especially boys...well, Daniel!) due to the sheer drop. So today we were able to enjoy it, and the views over the sea - but Jon did still go a bit too close to the edge for my liking. We then meandered through the street, stopped for a cuppa, and ended up by the river and these 3 bridges. The middle one brings you in to the town, the one on the left was built in 1611 and only replaced by the middle one in the 1920s. The railway viaduct is grade 1 listed, built in the mid 19th century and still used today. It is imposing and really impressive. We walked back up to the car, having done a full circuit of the town. I treated myself to a pottery townhouse tealight holder. There were so many to choose from, that I must go back in the future to add another. I'd like a whole street of them!

We drove back out of town and stopped and ate our picnic in the car, then went in search of Goatscrag. A drive into the Cheviot Hills, down narrow roads to try and find the prehistoric hills with ring and cup marks. But there wasn't anywhere to park, so we had to be satisfied just looking at the hills from a distance. There was snow in the distance.

A nice drive back, and the most noticeable thing was whole swathes of fallen trees withing the pockets of woodland that are positioned periodically along the roads. Some patches, we guessed half of the trees had fallen.

It has been a nice day. Lots of opportunities to chat, make plans, then change them, and eventually forget them before arriving back home. We do a lot of that when we are away from home. I cooked sausages for dinner and now some tv.

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