Keith B

By keibr

ON the river

Here's our group, Dave and Jude plus Karin and Jan, with me behind the lens. In the background is a residential area of Kramfors. We are standing on the Ångerman River, sort of! There is a very large inlet from the main river, connected by a narrow strait, making this water almost a lake.
We are standing on a broad track where the local council clears away the snow so people can walk or skate in a large loop. Behind us there's a group fishing through the ice and they told us the ice was between 50 cm and a metre thick so we were all very safe. The fact they use a small tractor to keep the ice free of snow is also a reassuring thought.
We had an appointment to pick up our new car at the dealer, and combined it with meeting up with Karin, a trip to two second-hand shops, this walk, and a delicious snack (fika) at a cafe in town. We all came away from the day happy!
In the evening we played Mexican Train and did Wordle. I was happy after those activities too....

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