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By marchmont

Elsie Inglis

I thought about cycling this  morning - but didn't!  But I did swim for an hour. Once home I did some Choir admin and then put the bedroom back to rights.  Slight panic as I had to take the door handle off to open the door!  Next I need to clear the other front room.  But not today.  Also had some communication with the KL boys re this 'n that, including getting started on the Malaysian visit planning.  It will take some time I feel.

This afternoon I had afternoon tea at the City Chambers in aid of the Elsie Inglis statue fundraising which has been taking place all week.  I sat next to very interesting people.  The other 'single person' at our table was a (young) man who does some work for the Beeb and let me bore him about family history and how the lives of 'ordinary' women don't get recorded. On the other side were the couple who made history by having the FM and Patrick Harvie as witnesses at their wedding.  When I got home I realised I had another, almost work, connection with one of them.  I think JA, an ex schoolmate, was also there but it wasn't the kind of event where you could round and ask people who they were.  

We were in the Chamber (I prefer the Aberdeen one, more modern, light and spacious) and the event was hosted by the Lord Provost with Sara Sheridan and Kate Murray-Brown.  The latter is Elsie Inglis gt gt niece.  

Dr Elsie Inglis was a pioneering surgeon who, amongst other things, took women doctors to Serbia and Russia in WW1.  She was in Odessa, now of course in Ukraine.  She died in 1917 and there was almost a state funeral in St Giles.  Her main memorial was the Maternity Hospital where I was born.  There is now a campaign to erect a statue to her, perhaps in the Royal Mile.  I did not realise till I looked at her Wikipedia entry that her maternal grandfather was a minister in Chapel of Garioch and died in Inverurie.  Oh, what a small world. 

It was a fizz accompanied afternoon tea.  I am now thinking about having a Friday night glass of wine.  Mmmm.

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