By PicturePoems

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

... by Eric Carle PicturePoems!

Two days ago this Scarlet Tiger Moth caterpillar appeared on a daffodil leaf, since when it didn't move a muscle. So, today I investigated what its foodstuffs are and, fortunately, found one bramble at the bottom of M's garden. 

The pictures above tell the story:
1. The caterpillar on the daffodil leaf (as blipped two days ago)
2. The daffodil leaf broken off and threaded gently among bramble leaves - notice the caterpillar immediately responds, sniffing the nearest leaf.
3. Having crawled safely under the leaf, the very hungry caterpillar immediately begins feeding on the blackberry leaf. Look at its tiny eyes peeping over the top of the leaf!
I love a happy ending and look forward to seeing the colour Tiger Moth flying around in due course.

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