Life’s a beach

A fairly early morning trip to Yellowcraig. I know we were supposed to go to the Pentlands, but in the end the beach was more appealing. Another warmish and definitely sunny, but there was a snell east wind that kept things cool (and was in our faces as we walked across the beach). A great wander. A beach full of happy dogs. Doubtless later on it would be full of happy children, but we were mixing more with the dog walkers than the families.

We visited the supermarket on the way back, and since then I seem to have frittered the time away. I filled out the census form, and I have sent a couple of emails, but have more to send this evening if I’m to keep ahead of myself given it’s another busy week. I also did a Peloton ride, which was not as vigorous as yesterday’s, thank goodness.

Mr A is making a risotto for tea, with some salmon. That should be tasty. And it’s 6pm and still light. Things are looking up.

I added a couple of extras.

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