What a Treat!

The sun shone again on my Birthday today.  We were travelling to the Peak District to orienteer at Stanton Moor and I really enjoyed my technical and physical course in the sunshine.  It wasn't error free but it didn't matter, it was fun and I particularly enjoyed weaving through the tents of the Spring Equinox campers and exchanging greetings.  Stanton Moor is home to a number of standing stones and barrows so holds a special significance to those with spiritual beliefs.  It certainly looked to be a great place to be out under the stars in this patch of fine weather we are having.

I came down to earth with a bit of a bump when I went to download, apparently I had missed a control.  Hmmm I took a look back at my map and it dawned on me what might have happened.  I had visited the control but another, faster orienteer arrived at the same time with a contact free SI card.  As I reached for the block, he waved his card over it, I heard several beeps and thought my card had registered, it hadn't.  Well, lesson learned and my enjoyment was not to be dampened, particularly as, due to Covid, I haven't had a veggie chilli taco from Podium Caterers in a couple of years so, as it was my birthday I treated myself to one with extra guacamole AND a hot chocolate with all the trimmings!  A grand day out, and there were presents and cards on the patio and through the letterbox on our return!  Thank you pals xx

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