My Favourite Trees

I'm zonked. I've not had enough sleep over the last few days and not nearly enough food over the last twenty four hours. I arrived back late from the office last night to an empty house and no energy to cook any food, not that there was much around anyway, having been away for a week. This morning I was out the door early for a run on the moor before going out on the bike to make the most of the sunshine before the forecast rain duly arrived mid-afternoon. There was nothing in the tank at all as I crawled up Nesfield Hill at the end and it was only when I got home that the reason dawned on me!

The trouble is that the food is so fabulous when I visit TJ in Ireland that my normal fare doesn't really inspire. I need to start making more effort on that count. It's not that I can't cook great food but that I rarely give the time over to it with so many other demands on my time. I need to change that.

I hesitated about posting another shot of The Tump but it might well be a while before I get another chance to capture these favourite trees of mine in such great light and with such a perfect backdrop of clouds. I'm wondering if this can qualify for the One Tree Project? It feels like one tree. I'm not sure about other names. Is this a stand or a copse of trees? All I know for sure is that these are my very favourite trees. I think I have already made a project of them without ever consciously choosing to do so. I take a shot of them pretty much every time I pass by.

Just as I had finished taking this picture a couple of friends pulled up on their bikes to say hello. I introduced them to my trees and I'm going to introduce them to blip via email once I post this tonight. This one is for you Pauline. I still can't quite believe you'd never noticed them before. You will never miss them again now!

Rushing out the door now because I have a rendezvous with Mr. John to return Blip Bear. We're meeting at a pub in town. I've promised to keep the little fella off the Guinness tonight! And I think I better keep off it myself!!

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