By hazelh


This chain forms part of the guttering at Petrina and Stephen's house in the Borders, and those are the Cheviot Hills in the distance. We sat outside with our hosts this afternoon in the warm spring sunshine with tea, cake, and a wee splash of Madeira. Although not captured in the blip, their wee robot lawnmover 'Chompie' whirred back and forth across the grass as we enjoyed one another's company for the first time in over two years. We last met on 5th January 2020.

Our visit to Petrina and Stephen's house was arranged around the delivery of Mummy hazelh to my not-so-little-sister in St Boswells at lunchtime. We borrowed Paddy and Caitlin's car for the trip.

Unfortunately I have had a bad case of hayfever (or the start of a cold?) today. By late afternoon all I wanted to do was have a bath and crawl into bed. (We took lateral flow tests this morning, and these were negative.) My refuge was the sofa bed in the study at 8pm.

Exercise today: none.

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