Saw some Nood cat food in Tesco Gateshead a few weeks ago and bought a box.  Wasn't too hopeful that Tino and Lily would like it but I thought I would take a chance.  So glad I did as they both absolutely love it.  Especially surprised that Lily does as she previously only ate one brand of cat food and only one flavour. But this new Nood stuff goes down a treat. So I went online and ordered some more boxes direct from the manufacturer.  They were doing a promotion of 50% discount on your first order. The order arrived today.  The outside of the bright blue package has the words" Lifes More Fun In The Nood ". I wonder why on earth they chose such a silly name for their products.  ( They also do Nood dog food).

I was back to Gateshead this afternoon.  Had a nice mooch around the charity shops - no purchases were made.  Also shopped in Home Bargains and Tesco.  I had a discount voucher to get a coffee for £1 in Costa so I popped in there and enjoyed a nice sit down and a cappuccino before getting the bus home.

Weather was lovely again.  Not quite as sunny as it has been but still very warm. 

Steps today - 7,007.

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