Silly Saturday ...

... National Peanut Month.

Despite it not being very warm today we still got out for a walk at Housenick Memorial Park this afternoon.  But I have to say ... I did not enjoy it very much.  It was quite windy and cold.  

When we got home I took advantage of the what little sun we had by setting out Mr. Peanut.  Several squirrels came by ... with all of them knocking him over!  And I had almost given up on seeing a chipmunk when around came Ms. Chips!  She's a little more graceful and didn't end up knocking him over.  And she's must cuter, too!

So Happy Silly Saturday in honor of the dearly missed Admirer.  Davidc is looking for hosts in the coming months if you are interested in hosting.  It's only for the first Saturday of each month!  You can contact him directly if interested ... I know he'd love to hear from you. If I hadn't just recently hosted Silly Saturday and am wrapping up hosting Mono Monday I'd volunteer!

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