By Maureen6002

Flying Solo

Another day, another beach. It’s still the same area, but this time we’re across the river and in the shadow of the mountains.  It’s been a while since we’ve visited Morfa Conwy -  how easily one slips into the habit of repeatedly revisiting the same place and forgetting about others. 

I’m quickly reminded of just how beautiful this place is; backed by dunes and mountains and looking out onto the Orme and Llandudno. These sands stretch on forever - in fact this beach extends along the coast towards the Menai Straits and at low tide there almost seems no water between the mainland and the island. 

But then, as we walk close to the shore, a large low-flying shape appears, flying in from the sea; a solo swan, a youngster by the markings on his wings and neck. I don’t recall ever seeing swans flying in from the sea before - though I know a large bachelor flock is located along the coast. I quickly change the settings on my camera and catch him as he makes his way inland - frozen in time against the backdrop of Llandudno’s Great Orme. 

There’s a few shots of the beach and area in my collage extra. 

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