On the Edge

I left Hampshire after breakfast and headed north. It was an uneventful journey and a bit tedious. it seemed that every time I had designs on a stop for a wee and a coffee break the route changed and took me off somewhere else. I eventually stopped at Ashbourne and found a nice little cafe that did me a sausage sandwich and a cup of coffee. I have to say it was worth the wait!

I decided to go to Bamford Edge for a blip before booking into the campsite so headed up there inspired by a blip from GrahamColling. After sitting in the van for a few hours it was good to get out but I did find it a strenuous climb up. I didn't go to the top of the rocks but stayed on the level below which n=might have been a mistake because it was hard going getting round and I didn't get to see the reservoir. I did get this lovely view of the edge and the distant hills and I think that'll do.

It was fascinating to discover the evening before I set of that Jane (Technophobe) and Peter (LooseCanon) who are old friends, Peter from my first LPH workshop in 2012) were going to be staying at the same campsite that I had selected for an overnight stop on my way up to Whitby. As I approached the campsite they happened to be doing something outside and recognise my van and waved. I booked in and found a pitch next door to them. We'd intended to walk into a pub in town for a meal but when Peter phoned around it seemed that everywhere closed early and had either finished at six or were full. It was getting desperate but Jane found that the Italian restaurant was open and had a table. Excellent! We walked in to the village along the River Sett and got a pint in the George Hotel before going on to the Colosseo which had an excellent menu and was throbbing with life. I wonder why everybody else is struggling? It was chilly out with a keen wind.

It was lovely to meet up with them. Normally a stopover night is fairly uneventful with an easy meal or a quick pub meal and an evening in front of the computer so this made a nice change and was a complete coincidence!

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