While on my runs

By waipushrink

Lighting up the night

Today was in some ways a continuation of last week, when my registrar was on leave and I spent all day at the Unit, with lots of assessments to do. She was back today, and there were still lots of assessments to do. Working together we did more than one alone can do. 

I left early for a blood test, and afterwards went to Western Springs for a walk and to take some photos. I had just arrived by the playground when I was faced with a line up of the pick up trucks favoured by a sizeable number of the "truck convoy" which segued into the occupation of Parliament grounds.

Having been primed by reading of some of the continuation activities, I gelt affronted that here they were at a children's playground, setting up their tents. Then I noticed that almost everyone was wearing a mask and there were interesting things on the trucks. So I asked someone what was happening, and he readily told me that they were shooting scenes for a TV drama. The blip shows the gear that the lighting person has to use.

Feeling much relieved, I went to the edge of the lake, where I saw a Weweia (dabchick) by itself in a small bay. Diving frequently, it seemed always to be further away from me when it surfaced. They are struggling against predators, here, because there are eels attacking under the water, and Karoro (black-backed gulls) attacking from the air. Coots are also aggressive towards the chicks.

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