By hazelh

Lions on guard

Although not quite so OTT as other neighbours, the members of this household have some interesting wildlife guarding their front door. I photographed the lions on my way over to Bruce's flat this morning. I was there (mainly) to meet about our project to podcast the war diary previously published in the LornaL blipfoto journal. We also discussed a couple of other on-going projects.

I returned home much later than planned, and with even more tasks to add to my lengthy to do list. After a quick trip to LIDL for a special purchase, I settled down to make sense of all my current commitments and plan the means of getting everything done over the next couple of weeks. So much for being on leave!

The goodies from LIDL are two sections of artificial grass. Last year Ridgeback13 suggested that I 'carpet' my shed with such a material. I did have a quick look for some flooring for this purpose at the end of August last year, but didn't follow the idea through - until this afternoon. I hope that I will have some time in the next few days to empty the shed, lay the 'grass' on the floor, and then put everything back into the shed again.

Exercise today: walking (11,886 steps).

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