Capital adventures

By marchmont

Rehearsal Day 1

What a busy day! Swam and then off, in the very heavy rain, to the Lyceum, on a very slow bus!  We are rehearsing for 'Sex Life and Death of Communication' which will be on Saturday in the Lyceum.  Most of the group are from the class I go to but there are 4 from the Tuesday group.  

It was a full on day though we did have an hour for lunch. We are working in the Upper Circle Bar, 2 flights of stairs! I have been allocated two roles, one of them for a character named 'Ann'.  Mmm, typecasting?

Got home in time for my weekly call with A.  Told her my news.  I think she was disappointed.  I still think it is the right one.  Then straight into a call with B about a possible new contract.  Am I mad?  Probably. 

Cameron Toll was next for some very necessary food shopping and I also managed to get a replacement duck for the one I broke  Different pattern and slightly dearer. It was after well after 8 by the time I got home to have something to eat, and drink.  Ended the day with the Doris Day tribute film - 'Move Over Darling'.  Just rubbish!!

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