*¨*:•Everyday Magic•:*¨*

By Squatbetty

Nature journal

I've started a little nature journal, but an embroidered one rather than handwritten with drawings. Something to dip in to as and when, and to document the everyday magic I see. Started with 2 of my favourite birds.

Herons have always been special to me. I often seem to see them when I'm on my way to something that I'm anxious about. I know it's only coincidence but even so, I always see them as a good omen. I saw one yesterday morning on my way to the train station.

Kingfishers are just magical. Full stop. I went out early this morning with my camera and saw one fishing on the river (see extra). I watched it for ages. There are far better pictures of kingfishers on Blip, from people with more patience and better cameras/lenses, but a photo isn't everything. Just quietly watching one is special.

The bee cup is new. I treated myself after yesterday's appointment :-) And yes, that's yet *another* pair of new embroidery scissors - haha, I'm obsessed!

Thanks so much for the stars & hearts for yesterday's blip. It meant a lot to me, sincerely. I was torn about whether to share or not but I'm glad I did now.

I hope everyone's having a lovely weekend xx

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