By dunkyc

Gettin' Sloppy

As a connoisseur of low-effort, easily-cooked food, I feel that I am well placed to confidently state that the king of frozen pizzas is the Sloppy Giuseppe from Pizza Express.

Yes, it has been a slow day, but I’ve been out of the office for three days, so I had a shed-load of emails to catch up on (or delete) and then had to get into the office in the afternoon for a meeting. It wasn’t all bad though as I got to check-in with a couple of colleagues who I am quite close to and at the end of the day, the management team had bought Easter eggs for everybody which were dispersed among us.

With a trip down south looming, the last couple of days have just been the preparation in pulling all the various bits together, but I think I am largely there now, hence crashing out this evening with a Giuseppe. 

And the newly acquired Easter egg.

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