By hazelh

Dog - deer - tortoise

We came across this gorgeous 3-month old dachshund puppy while out walking in Bradgate Park today. With his cute wee face and unusual colouring, how could I resist him for a blip? His eyes are mismatched, just like those of the husky that I met on 8th September 2016. There are also many deer resident in the park. I include one in my first extra.

Back at my sister-in-law Sam's house, we all turned into 10 year-olds when the next door neighbour passed Stilly the tortoise over the fence and allowed us to feed her. Don't believe anyone who says that tortoises are slow. This one raced across the lawn every time we placed a dandelion in her field of vision. My second extra shows Tilly feeding.

This evening six of us - myself, Mr hazelh, Sam, Alan, Beth, and Paddy - all travelled by taxi to Daddy John (Mr hazelh's father) and Christine's house for a buffet supper. Christine presented me with the most amazing handmade present. This will be blipped in due course.

Exercise today: walking (18,442 steps).

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