Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Bob the Builder

Yes, I'm sorry, there will be two or three more of these over the next few days.  The drama - both human and avian - is reaching fever pitch, but will shortly open the final act.

So, as usual I was the first photographer on site this morning, soon to be followed by two of the three local birders I've got to know.  All fine, but then the rest, which quite suddenly can be anything up to 30, turned up with vast acreages of equipment spilling all over the path in a somewhat unnecessary manner.  It seems the news has leaked out, probably via a birders' website, and people are tripping in from all over the county.  I can't concentrate in that sort of circus.  Horrible!

However, before that lot sent me scurrying home for breakfast I did get a few shots, of which this is one.  As you can see, the male, Bob the Builder, aka the tiercel, (..get me with the jargon) is still fidgeting around getting a few more twigs but the nest is effectively built and just needs lining with soft stuff before the female lays her eggs.  At which point a lot less of the pair will be seen and hopefully the ravening hoards of photographers will go home!

That's all.  The rest of the day's been mercifully peaceful - and wonderfully warm and sunny.  Hope you're all okay, lovely blippies  xx

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