A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Ice lolly time!

Another lovely sunny day. After a great performance last night Grace wasn’t feeling too well this morning so she had a lie in. I looked after the girls until she got up.

Yesterday the guy doing the shower room had drained the boiler so last night there was no hot water for the girls bath and none for showers this morning either. Soon sorted when the builder arrived!

A quick trip down to Alice Park for some fun once Grace was up. Eda spent a lot of time running under the trees pretending to eat the leaves because she was a giraffe! We had a few swings and then they played in the sand. Jude got a bucket and some sand implements for Easter. She loved it. (Hard to believe she is 19 months old today) She’s going to be a real beach baby. Eda hated sand at this age and wouldn’t stand barefoot on a sandy beach at all.

There’s a great little cafe at Alice Park so it was coffee for Granny and ice lollies for the girls.  They went down well. 
Grace wasn’t risking it, she visited the pharmacy in the village en route, how she’s managing these shows I don’t know!

She’s lying down now whilst Jude has a nap.

The living room and kitchen floor is nearly down but still no appliances until the worktop is made which is going to be another couple of weeks. Makes meal times interesting!

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