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By Jeanneb53

Granny and Jude Friday!

This morning Jude and I went down into Larkhall on our own. Eda and mummy had whizzed off to Bristol to see ‘Zog and the Flying Doctor’ as a treat.

Jude and I went to the French bistro - Ma Cuisne for croissants and a coffee for granny. Jude loves food and especially croissants. We had fun doing selfies to send to mummy. Granny isn’t that good at it but I loved this one of Jude.

We took a look in Leak (the ex public toilets shop) and then called into the ‘magic’ charity shop. I got Jude two ‘toot’ cars. An ambulance and a police car for £1! No batteries but that might be a blessing or they can easily be replaced. (Yesterday mummy got a lovely flower dressing up dress in the same shop - extra)

Then on to the ‘Teeny tiny park’. All to ourselves as usual. Jude went on both swings but seemed to enjoy the slide more. She can climb the steps (scary) but I was right behind her and has no qualms about sliding down! We had her little bucket and spade with us and she liked digging the bark and filling her bucket.
A very successful outing. There was a couple of drops of rain and a big black cloud above Solsbury Hill so we headed back home in case there was a down pour but it came to nothing.

Lunch and then nap time for Jude. Granny is resting after that hill!

Thank you for all your best wishes for Grace she is feeling much better today after an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Blip wouldn’t upload my selfie so I’ve had to make a collage, it said it had illegal dimensions!

Amended the original!

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