By KatesGardenPDX

Something a Bit Different

My grandson and I picked up my granddaughter after school today - we always do on Thursdays. But today we did something a bit different. It was POURING when I picked her up, so I had my reservations, but recently I bought a year's membership to the Oregon Zoo (which is in Portland, handily!). I'd also bought them two kid-size umbrellas from Amazon, which were kindly delivered as we were leaving. I actually pulled up to the curb at my front door and grabbed the boxes! 

We had a fabulous 2 1/2 hours or more wandering around the zoo, and those umbrellas came in handy since it showered on and off. Many of the animals were in their shelters, but fortunately (since it rains all winter here) there are tiny viewing windows into these cozy spots. So we saw most all of the animals, except the polar bears were nowhere to be seen. 

I don't normally post photos of the kids (and rarely of me) but Kate's Garden was at the Zoo today, and oh yea, we purchased the photos they took of us as we went in ;-) 

There's a cherry blossom in the extras - my neighbor's tree - in case you need a floral fix!

Off to put my feet up.

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