Arnside and beyond

By gladders


One moment the morning sun was blazing in my eyes, a few moments later it was obscured by clouds. In between there was just a few seconds to grab this, the sun moon-like, its intensity dulled by the gathering cloud, with one of the grazing Highlands silhouetted.

On a different theme completely, I was reminded today of events some years ago when we flew to Stockholm to spend a week over Christmas with Wifie's brother and family. We were expecting Tom to meet us at the airport, but instead there were two smartly suited gentlemen holding up a notice with our names on. Tom couldn't make it and had arranged for Abba Taxis to collect us. We drove out of the airport to the sound of Waterloo and other Abba hits. Then, instead of taking the direct route to our destination, they stopped in a side street for what they said was a traditional way of welcoming foreigners to the country. They had bottles of pickled herrings and cans of lager, and it would have been rude to say no thanks, or that we were tired after travelling. It was only slowly as we forced pickled herrings down while Abba played on and we discussed Swedish vs English hospitality, that it dawned on us that it was all an elaborate joke. The two men turned out to be Tom's neighbours. The Swedish sense of humour, maybe a little different to the English?

Anyway, when I arrived by train in Warrington today, the first cab in the queue was an Abba taxi. As I got in I was expecting Abba to be playing and to be offered a pickled herring. I was a little disappointed.

And yes, I know I am supposed to be on a blip break. I probably will be tomorrow, the pace of the week at work is picking up. Tomorrow and Thursday are the really busy days.

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