By ArcLight

Just emerging

Being quite a bit further north than Edinburgh, things are inevitably somewhat behind. When we arrived, the daffodils were looking fresh. Now most of them are looking pretty grey around the gills. Meanwhile, quite a lot of leaves have now emerged, and others are just emerging, as per the blip. The owners told us that there are a lot of bluebells in the wood as you come back from the shoreline, and one little patch has now started opening (see extra). I assume they are the “classic” “English” bluebells, not the Spanish ones, but I hardly know how to tell the difference.

We’ve actually had quite a lazy day. We did walk down to the shoreline, and I walked out to the road to get rid of the recycling. Although we went out in the afternoon, we didn’t actually do a walk, but mainly pottered about in the car a bit. We went back to Platform 1864 for dinner. Neither of us felt like cooking on our last evening. We were going to bring a bottle of wine back, but I was feeling pretty full, plus Mr A had had two pints of beer with his dinner, so in the end I suggested we pass on that and we did. We did fill up with fuel for the morning though.

It’s been a lovely couple of weeks, but I guess I’m ready for “normal” life again. A colleague just emailed me to say that my office move is complete. When I go in on Tuesday, it will come as a bit of a shock not to be on the first floor any more….

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