By hazelh

Buried dinosaur skeleton

When my not-so-little sister gave me this plastic dinosaur skeleton a year ago, she instructed me to bury it in the garden so that it would surprise someone who unearths it in the future. Today we granted her wish as we eradicated wild garlic from our lawn. There is so much of the pesky weed in the area near our shed that we decided to dig it all over and reseed it. In a flashback to 2020/21 lockdowns, Paddy and Caitlin joined us in the garden for a short while. They fixed a snagging problem with the guttering on the shed. The rain water should now easily flow into the water butt.

Following our gardening exploits, the four of us set off for Porty and an evening of shared food, drink and games with Atlanta. The world champion won the pre-dinner game of Catan (no surprise there), and Atlanta Bohnanza (a card game on bean farming) between the main course and pudding. It was such a good night, even though I disgraced myself by breaking a glass. I also tried an Aperol cocktail for the first time in my life  - yum!

Exercise today: 1 hour on the exercise bike.

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