An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

New wheels...maybe!

Andrew was up at the crack of dawn again.  He says he likes to make the most of his time with us.  David was delighted as he made another mountain of French toast for him :-))

It was a bit of a wasted day for Alan and Andrew as they couldn't really go anywhere as we'd arranged for a demonstration of a wheelchair accessible vehicle - a Mercedes V-Class 300d AMG Line to be precise (and for future reference :-)

Alan's current car is a Seat Alhambra which is 5 years old and has 83,000 miles on the clock.  He gets about!  

It's been a great car but as he takes up most of the boot space, we have to hire a second car to go on holiday to carry his shower chair and some of his and his PA's luggage.   A vehicle this size would hopefully mean one car would be enough.  It is large for daily use though so we need to think through the logistics carefully.  It certainly got Alan's seal of approval as you can see from his face :-)  Full pic in extras.  Even if we order it now, delivery will take up to a year so told Alan not to get too excited yet! 

The guy arrived with the car at 1pm and by the time he went over all the bells and whistles and went for a test drive, it was time for Vikki and Alan to head to Dundee with Andrew with just enough time to grab a late lunch before Andrew's mum picked him up.

As ever, Andrew was keen to get dates in the diary for his next visit.  We arranged 17th June as we have tickets for him and Alan to go to McFly on 18th, which is a surprise but unfortunately the flights for his family holiday to Turkey have changed so he won't be able to come on these dates.  

Thankfully we hadn't told him about McFly as he'd be devastated at missing them.  He was disappointed at having to wait till July to come back but as I pointed out, he'd have his visit here to look forward to after his holiday and we all need something to cheer us up when a holiday ends :-)

After he left David and I got our act together and got a million little jobs done that are always left because they'll only take a minute, and that minute is never found!  I wish I could say it was because we did find some minutes but no.  We are having friends here on Friday whose houses are immaculate and that was what spurred us on to get things done.  I have concluded we should have them visit more often.  Once a month would keep us on our toes :-)))

Washed three of our old roof tiles today.  Slate really is a beautiful thing.  If I have time tomorrow hahahahahahahahahahaeahaha I may have a go at painting on it.  Watch this space :D 

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