A day in the life

By Shelling


Breakfast was taken outside in the beautiful weather, hardly any wind and the sun was very generous. I noticed that the birches outside my entrance are beginning to unfold their leaves and was quite pleased with my picture that I think transmits the feeling this morning.

The morning continued with rehearsing and finishing making recordings of all the songs with my phone. Some of the songs I still can't play from beginning to end without large mistakes so recording helps because I can paste in the best bits of the song into my computers studio-app and cut and paste until I have the whole song to listen to without mistakes. It helps me to work this way since I get to try ideas and different arrangements without bothering about playing rubbish. I know I can cut and paste afterwards. It makes it easier for me to practice when I know how the whole song is supposed to sound.

In the evening I was invited to a birthday party at my friend Marianne, who I help with her home-concerts, making posters and organise sound technical issues but before that, there was time for a short jog around the fields. I've kept it going for a couple of weeks now and the experience is positive so far.

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